Peace Islands Institute

Sisters & Siprit

Sisters in Spirit group is one of the interfaith dialogue group between peace island institute and central reform temple . The woman both from PII and CRT have come together to share spiritual and personal experiences and traditions from our faith for seven years.

Eden Group

Eden group is a recently established interfaith gathering project that was started in collaboration with Peace Island Institute volunteers and Eliot Church members in Newton. Its name comes from "Garden of Eden" which represents closeness and similarity of major religions.


Badaliya is an Arabic word that means to take the place of or substitute for another. It is a spiritual term that lies at the heart of the Christian faith experience and refers to the mystery of the image of God as Jesus sacrificing his life for all of humanity.

the role of interfaith dialogue in
Peace-building And women Empowerment

The World Interfaith Harmony Week adopted the United Nations General Assembly’s resolution 65/5 aims to promote a culture of peace and non-violence through interreligious and intercultural understanding, harmony and cooperation; there hence, supports elimination of all forms of intolerance and discriminations based on religion or belief.

The international faith communities recognize the imperative need for raising awareness on empowering women by providing educational opportunities, especially for girls; collaboration on the implementation of sustainable educational programs; sharing best practices and supporting successful global initiatives throughout the world.

Religions and beliefs play an essential role in understanding the status of women and girls education according to different faith communities across the globe. The panel aims to raise awareness on empowering women and discuss multiple perspectives, implications and misconceptions on girls’ education based on religions, traditions, and customs.

Are the sources of gender inequality in life derived from social customs and traditions or do religions condone and strengthen this inequality? Does gender inequality stem from the foundational principals of the religions or life practices, which reflects the culture and traditions throughout the world?